Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Free Door-to-Door Korean Classes for F2 + F5 Expats: 3 Months In

Info for classes HERE

Wow have I ever learned a lot in the last three months and I've been pretty lazy about studying since I'm putting all my energy into doing a MEd and taking care of J who has been sick a lot.

There is no set curriculum for completing a certain amount of chapters per semester and my teacher and I just do whatever we feel like.  In the last three months we have completed 13 chapters - there are a total of 20 chapters in the 2nd book.  We taken some time to review certain chapters as well since I felt like I forgot some things.

My listening has improved expedientially (I looked that up in the dictionary kkkk), I can understand so much much more now and my reading skills are pretty great too.  The other day I was watching Love in Asia and could basically understand all the subtitles although there were words I didn't know and they moved too quickly but massive improvements.  My speaking skills are still pretty poor - they are crawling along - I don't know why since I speak to my MIL everyday + J's teachers + the neighborhood friends/shopkeepers. 

When I first started Korean class I felt a little low like I just wanted to give up, like I had lived in Korea for so long but hadn't learned much Korean but these days I'm starting to feel confident, it's all coming together, I'm getting it, I'm improving!  As the Koreans say Asah!

Some additional info I've learned about the classes:
1. The classes last for one year - two semesters Aug - Dec, Feb - July.  In January there is a one month break.
2. You can register your children for the classes as well.  Children usually don't study for a full hour (I believe the classes for children are only one hour) so you can use the time to practice Korean with the teacher as well.  Each child is eligible for one year of study.
3. There are books 1-4, with 5-6 in the making.
4.  There are no books specifically made for F2 men, all are geared for women so far.
6. There are 2 outings per semester - such as eating at a restaurant or visiting a famous place.  These are done with your teacher and few students from your neighborhood.
7.  There are various events that you can attend for free as well - such as making Thanksgiving rice cakes (see pic below)

Here are some pictures of pages from book 2:

Here are some photos of my teacher and I, and a multicultural event for making Thanksgiving rice cakes (Songpyeon).  Check out this Youtube video about Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and rice cakes.

A video about Korean Autumn/Chuseok/Songpyeong.

Love in Asia - I cry every time I watch this show.  It's on KBS, Tuesdays at 7:30^^


  1. haha ~ I used to study from the same textbook^^(it wasn't the door-to-door class though, I had to go to the class/school)

  2. ^^ The textbook is so cool. I think my favorite chapter so far is 10 수리 센터에 맡겨 놓을게

  3. I saw your blog on Ms. Lee to Be's roll. ..

    These classes look like fun! Congrats on your new Korean skills. :)

  4. ^ Thanks Journey Doula, thank you! Do you wanna share your blog? Are you a doula in Korea? If so please share.^^