Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Children's Dentists in Seoul/ Isu Children's Dentist Clinic

I took J for his first dental check-up when he hit 18 months.  The government had sent us a free check-up voucher but all of the available dentist offices were not for children and when I tried to take J to one of them they refused to check him because he's so young (I don't blame them).  So I decided to find a children's dentist near our house and I was impressed both with the design and atmosphere of the clinic and also the price for a check-up - 2,000 W (2$US).

We went to Isu Children's Dentist Clinic 이수 어린이 치과 Daum Link

The clinic is huge and has all sorts of rooms for kids to play in.  Here J is playing in the toy/computer room.  There are fish aquariums, trains, toys, kid's painting, ect. all over the place.  Super kid-friendly.

The clinic even has a kid's toilet.  How cute is that?

Here J is preparing to battle the dentist and nurse.  As soon as they touched him he screamed and cried but they were quick and efficient.

While the children get their teeth checked, this train goes round and round.  I've heard that other kid's dentist clinics play Pororo movies.

According to the dentist, a child should go for his or her first check up at 1 year, then come back every 3 months.  At 2 years of age, fluoride is introduced.  We haven't reached that point yet but I will blog about it when we do.

The clinic I went to is located in Sadong-dong next to Isu St. exit 7 above Holly's Coffee, 6th floor.  It's the only one I could find in either Gwanak-gu or Dongjak-gu (Isu Station, Sadang Station, Sangdo Station).  Here's a sky view from Daum maps:
Isu Children's Dentist Clinic 6th Floor 02-598-5275 (move your cursuor to the left, you will see Holly's Coffee, then look above it to the 6th floor).

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mosquito Truck

Many Koreans have fond memories of chasing after the mosquito truck as children.  These days children no longer chase the truck and in many parts of Seoul it is not even seen.  I live in a mountainous section of Seoul where the air is fresh and clean and mosquitos abound so we still get the mosquito truck speeding along once a week.

At first I hated the pesticide that pumps out cause it stinks and looks so poisonous but I've noticed that we no longer have a skeeter problem and that's a good thing cause my little boy is bite-free which kind of makes the mosquito tent I just bought useless but oh well^^

 J and I were at the park the other day when we heard the loud high-pitched lawn-mower like sound of the mosquito truck approaching.  All of the kids at the park went crazy and were running from one street to the other looking for the truck.  Sure enough it came a long, the kids didn't chase after it only I think because there were a bunch of moms there but they did play in the smoke.  I wanted to get a photo so we stood nearby and ended up inhaling some of the pesticide.  It was so awful, it tasted just like gasoline.  No wonder all the skeeters are toast.

Here the kids are lining up waiting for the truck.  The sound of it is so loud but it's kind of hard to guess exactly where it might appear.  The kids were running from one side of the park to the next.  Haha!  So funny!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love sunbrellas.  They are so much better than sun hats which make me sweaty and itchy.  They are better than sunglasses because they totally protect the face and arms from the sun.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparing For Summer in Korea: Mosquito Tents

Summer in Korea is hot, muggy, and filled with mosquitos so a bit of preparation is needed to make life comfortable, cool, and bite-free.

We decided to buy a mosquito tent a few days ago, right around the time the skeeters come out in full force (end of May, beginning of June).  We bought this at Homeplus for 35,000 ($30 US) and it fits three of us comfortably.  There are a range of skeeter tents available from little ones for baby-only to 8 persons.  The cheapest I saw was for 10,000 and the most expensive around 50,000.  You can also order from Gmarket, the Korean word is 모기장.

Here's the link to Gmarket: Gmarket Mosquito Tents