Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparing For Summer in Korea: Mosquito Tents

Summer in Korea is hot, muggy, and filled with mosquitos so a bit of preparation is needed to make life comfortable, cool, and bite-free.

We decided to buy a mosquito tent a few days ago, right around the time the skeeters come out in full force (end of May, beginning of June).  We bought this at Homeplus for 35,000 ($30 US) and it fits three of us comfortably.  There are a range of skeeter tents available from little ones for baby-only to 8 persons.  The cheapest I saw was for 10,000 and the most expensive around 50,000.  You can also order from Gmarket, the Korean word is 모기장.

Here's the link to Gmarket: Gmarket Mosquito Tents

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