Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over-the-Counter Cough Syrup in Korea

I've been living in Korea for 4 years and had no idea that I could buy over-the-counter cough medicine at the local pharmacies.  I thought, for some reason, that I always needed a prescription.  Anyways I am glad to finally know that I don't need to drag myself and J to the doctors everytime we have a cold - thanks to Alfee^^

A bottle of cough syrup costs around 3,000 won ($3US).

Once you go to the pharmacy the pharmacist will ask you which kind of cough medicine you would like by asking which symptoms you have.  Here are some Korean words to help you out:

Sore throat - 목이 아파요
Cough - 기침하다
Nasal congestion - 코막힘
Cold - 감기
Pain reliever - 진통제
Cold tablets - 감기용 정제약
Cough syrup - 기침시럽
Throat lozenges - 목알약
Phlegm - 가래
Asthma - 천식

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