Monday, September 26, 2011

The Halloween Store in Seoul

This is the entrance to the Halloween Store, go down the stairs and you're there.

What's Offered: Huge quantity of adult Halloween costumes, Halloween decorations + accessories such as wigs, masks, chains, ect., some Christmas decorations, and some birthday stuff, a small selection of children's costumes - mostly for 7 years and up.

What's Not Offered: Halloween candy, baby costumes, toddler costumes.

Basically this place is for adults looking for Halloween costumes, it's not really suitable for  
mom's looking for baby/kids costumes though there are a few princess, spiderman ones.  It's also a good place for teachers who want to decorate their classrooms for Halloween.

  I found the directions off of Dave's or somewhere like that and they are accurate.  To be on the safe-side I've included a picture of the hospital you will see that is along the same lane/alleyway as the Halloween Store. The hospital's name is: Yonsei Love Hospital 연세사랑병원.  If you get lost you can ask 연세사랑병원이 어디에 있어요? (Where's the Yonsei Love Hospital?) 

Sadang Station (line 2, line 4)
exit 14, walk straight out quite a bit more than 50 meters till you get to the part of the sidewalk with the wall along your left side. Continue to the three-way intersection. Turn left and immediately cross over the crosswalk to the other side, turn left, and immediately turn right down the first alley/sidestreet. Halloween (with an orange sign in Korean) is about 20m down the sidestreet on your right, in the basement.
Weekdays 9:30am -  7pm
Saturdays 9:30am - 4pm
Sundays closed

Link: Halloween Store

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