Thursday, October 11, 2012

Using Soju as a Cleaner

You can use soju to clean the floors or greasy areas like the cupboards around your stove.  All you need is soju, a spray bottle, and a rag.  There are three methods for using soju on the floor:
1. Put soju into a clean spray bottle, spray the floor, then wipe it with a rag.
2. Pour about 2 TBSP of soju onto the floor and wipe it around. 
3. Pour some soju onto a rag and wipe the floor.

You don't need water.  The smell will quickly dissipate.

To save money on soju you can just collect unused/undrunken soju and pour it in a bottle rather than going out and spending money on a new bottle.  This is the method Korean restaurant ajummas use.  They are very resourceful people.

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  1. Oh this is so great! Does it mean soju is bad for the body because it is used as a floor cleaning solution like many other household detergents. Cleaning Equipment Angeles