Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Samsung Books: Excellent Korean and English Resources for Toddlers

I've been very impressed with Samsungbooks English and Korean educational books and toys for my toddler.  The prices are very reasonable - for example their sticker books go for around 4,800 KRW and are very well made and kid-friendly. 

I have not actually bought any of the resources online but you can check em out Here.   I've been able to find samsungbook products at the local Bandi and Luni's bookstore.  On the website you can find the resources in the pictures I have attached under Infant.

My son loves playing with the ABCs, sticker books, and blocks because they are challenging for him.  He hasn't gotten tired of any of them yet and he's been playing with them for quite some time.  Even though most of the resources are in Korean doesn't mean you can't use them in English.  Whenever we do a Korean sticker book together I just use English cause well I don't want my son to speak Korean like me@@ kkkkk  There are English sticker books availabe as well  - we've been using this series.

These sticker books are pure quality.  Children can learn shapes, colors, words, numbers all at the same time.

J's absolute favorite.  We play a game where he takes one of the small letters above and finds the same larger letter on our floor mat. 

This game is a bit challenging for J but he can do it with a bit of help.


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