Monday, August 8, 2011

The Best Korean Bean Sprout Soup Recipe: My Korean Kitchen

Well I finally found a recipe for bean sprout soup (kongnamul gook) that works.  I've tried 3-4 before and I've always been disappointed.  One time when I made hubby the soup, shortly after he said he had a stomachache and wanted to throw up@@  Bean sprout soup seems so very basic yet it is finicky and delicate. Cook it too long and the taste goes down the drain, add too little garlic or salt and the taste is so bland, too much seasoning and well you'll feel like my hubby did^^

Link to My Korean Kitchen Recipe: Bean Sprout Soup

Recommendations: Let the anchovies and kelp boil for at least 5 minutes before removing them, add 1 tsp of minced garlic instead of 1/2.  You can serve this soup cold as well.  When you serve it, add a dash of seasame seeds. Don't skip out on the green chilli, it really adds a very subtle enjoyable slightly spicy taste that even toddlers can eat.

I served the bean sprout soup cold with bibimbap.  The fresh, light taste of the soup helps relieve the mouth of the burning gochujung fire^^  Just in case you are wondering, the green leaves in the bibimbap are perilla.

For my son, I served just the broth and was sure not to scrape up any of the "stuff" at the bottom of the soup - you know all the ingredients that settle to the bottom of a bowl - the bad stuff that'll give you cancer - I know this cause I saw it on TV^^ For his bibimbap I skipped the red pepper paste (gochujung) and used seasame oil to flavor the veggies and rice.

Look at that color!  It's perfect.  Exactly what you wanna eat on a hot humid summer's day!

Thanks to My Korean Kitchen I can now make bean sprout soup!  There are a lot of other recipes on the site that I want to try.  This site looks like a good find for people who want to make Korean food with proper recipes that actually work. ^^

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  1. Thanks Fauna for such a nice complement! I'm so happy to hear the recipe worked our very well for you.