Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Make the Korean-Style Shaved Ice Dessert Patbingsu (밭빙수)

What is it?
There are a lot of tasty Korean summer foods and shaved ice dessert is one of them.  It is basically like ice cream expect the main ingredient is shaved ice layered with various ingredients such as fruit, jellies, syrups, flours, or red bean sauce.  You can find the same dessert in Taiwan as well.  It's low in calories as long as you use mainly fruits and beans.

Here are some recipe links from  The info is in Korean but it doesn't matter because the pictures are very detailed. 
- Strawberry Shaved Ice Made Without An Ice Shaver
- Cookie Shaved Ice
- Ice Cream Shaved Ice
- Various Pictures: Green Tea Shaved Ice, Whipped Cream Shaved Ice

- You will need an ice shaving machine.  You can find some on Gmarket.
- 19,000

Basic ingredients:
- Ice cubes
- Red bean sauce (can be found in most supermarkets and local grocers during the summer months.  You can also make this by yourself).
- Sliced fruit
- Condensed milk
- Chocolate and strawberry syrup
- Small pieces of rice cakes

First prepare your ingredients.  We used condensed milk, small pieces of rice cake, chocolate syrup, pitted cherries, sliced bananas, and red bean sauce.

Next shave the ice.  We used two trays of ice cubes for three people.

Put the shaved iced into a large bowl.

Layer the ice with your chosen ingredients. 

Drizzle with condensed milk.

Top with chocolate syrup and enjoy!
To Make Watermelon Ice:

Remove all the seeds from 3-4 cups of watermelon.  Add it to the blender and about 1/2 cup of water.  Blend.

Put the liquid through a strainer to remove any seeds and foam.

.Put the watermelon juice into ice trays and freeze.  When totally frozen, shave the ice as normal.  The watermelon ice will be harder to remove from the trays than regular water ice.

Put the shaved watermelon ice into a large bowl.

Add whatever toppings you're in the mood for.

Enjoy to your heart's content!


  1. I've frozen Cheju mandarin juice, Pomegranate drinking vinegar and recently whole blueberries with water to make different flavours of ice. it makes it colourful and tasty, more exciting for the kids! I load up fruit and skip the condensed milk, Thomas likes a shot of chocolate syrup though. I love the rice cake so I always add extra to my serving! So yummy!

  2. ^ Hi MC, I didn't realize you could use different types of ice until yesterday when I was checking out some blogs on naver. I really wanna try frozen strawberries.

    The frozen mandarin juice sounds like a good idea. Do you think watermelon would freeze nicely? I think I'm gonna try that next.

    Last year I tried the strawberry syrup but I didn't like it, also tried the jellies but they are too sweet. There's one type of flour, I'll get the Korean name later, that tastes sooooo good with patbingsu. Do you know the one I am talking about?

  3. That last picture is absolutely precious!

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