Sunday, May 1, 2011

Free Door-to-Door Korean Lessons for Multicultural Families

Today I registered for the free at home Korean classes offered by the Seoul Multicultural Support Centers (다문화가족지원센터)  Note that the website does not list all the centers.  I had to go to the center and bring my ARC and Family Relationship Certificate (가족관계중명서).  Presently there are a number of people ahead of me so it will be a couple of months before classes begin.  The classes last for 1 year for a total of 40 weeks and are twice a week, for two hours a class.    Once at your local center you can simply say I'd like to register for the door-to-door Korean classes ( 가정방문 한국어 교육 등록하고 싶습니다).

There are two semesters: August to December and February to July.

For those of you living outside of Seoul here is the Danuri Multicultural Family Support Center Website: HERE

Information regarding the first day of class HERE

Three months into classes HERE

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